Greek/Roman gods and goddesses.

Gods and Goddesses
The Titans – The first gods of the
Cronus and Rhea – parents
Cronus (Saturn) – the youngest
child of Gaea, the earth and
Uranus, the sky, ruler of the
Titans, father of Jupiter
The Olympians – lived on Mt.
Olympus, children of Saturn
Jupiter (Zeus)– ruler of all the
gods, god of the skies
Poseidon (Neptune) – god of the sea
and sea travel
Hades (Pluto) – god of the dead and
underworld, god of wealth and greed
Hera (Juno) - queen of the gods,
wife of Zeus
Demeter (Ceres) – goddess of the
harvest and growth, grain
Hestia (Vesta) – goddess of the
hearth, fire, protector of home and
Olympian Children
Athena (Minerva) – goddess of
handicrafts, wisdom, and war,
Protector of Athens
Apollo – God of light, truth,
healing, archery, music
Artemis – (Diana) – Apollo’s twin
sister, goddess of the hunt and the
moon, wild things, protector of
children and young animals
Hermes (Mercury) – God of sleep and
dreams, messengers, Protector of
Ares (Mars) – God of war and
Hephaestus (Vulcan) – god of fire,
god of the forge (blacksmith),
maker of armor and weapons
Dionysus (Bacchus) – god of wine
and fertility, born to a mortal
Persephone (Proserpina) - queen of
the underworld, maiden of spring
Aphrodite (Venus) - goddess of love
and beauty
Eros (Cupid) – God of love