metricwiki - PAMS-Doyle

Si: System International
• Most popular and precise system of
measurement in the world.
• Logical and easy to use
• Based on the powers of ten/metric system
• Meters, liters, grams, newtons, celcius units of
• Basic unit is the meter
• When split into 100 parts is the centimeter
• A ruler of meter stick is commonly used
Water Displacement
• Water displacement is used to find the volume
of an irregularly shaped object
• Fill a graduated cylinder with water and note
volume. (watch the meniscus)
• Drop in the object, note the water level
• Find the difference in water levels
• The amount of space a substance occupies
• Graduated cylinder is used to find the volume
of an irregular solid or liquid. Fluid is curved
inside the cylinder (meniscus), you need to
look at the bottom of the curve for the
• To find volume of a regular solid (like a cube)
you multiply the length*width*hiegth
• Volume is measured in ml, cc
The amount of matter in an object
Basic unit is the gram
Mass is measured using a triple bean balance
Mass never changes
• Weight is the amount of gravitational pull on
an object, (it is not the same as the mass)
measured in newtons, it does change.
• Mass per unit of volume
• Water has a mass on 1 g/ml
• Celsius based on one hundred
• Zero freezing and 100 boiling of water
Changing units
• When going from small to large units, you
multiply by 10 every step
• When going from large to small units, you
divide by 10 every step
Scientific Notation
• 5,980,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
• 5.98 X 10²⁴
• 0.000006
• 6 X 10 ‾⁶