Metric System ( SI Units)
SI- __International System________________________
Mass – Mass is a measure of the amount of __matter__ in an object.
(Weight is a measurement of how hard gravity is pulling on that object)
Standard Unit of mass is the _____Grams___
Mass is measured using a balance (scale). We will measure mass using _Kilogram__ ( kg_ ),
or milligrams ( mg_ ).
Length – Length is a measurement of distance or dimension
Standard Unit of length is the ___meter_____
We will measure using a ruler or a meter stick with the units
____millimeters_______ (mm), centimeters (cm), or meters (_m_).
Volume – How much __space_____ an object takes up.
Standard Unit of volume is the ___liter______
We measure volume in different ways. It depends on whether the object is a liquid or a
Liquid - Use a ____graduated______ cylinder.
This is measured in _liters__ ( _L_) or milliliters (__ml__).
The curvature of liquid is called the _______Meniscus___________.
Solid- Use a ruler to measure the 3 dimensions of the object; ______length______,
___width___ & ________height_____.
l x w x h = volume
The volume of irregularly shaped solids can be measured by water displacement.
Temperature is measured in degrees Celcius