What is mass?

Measuring Liquid Volume
What is volume?
Be sure you
understand the scale
on your graduated
How is this scale
increasing? What are
the increments?
Read bottom of the
curve in the liquid or
the “meniscus”
The volume is 6.6 ml
When reading a graduated
cylinder it is important to
remember to read the bottom
of the curved line or
meniscus of the liquid. The
scale on each graduated
cylinder may be different.
Can you identify the scale on
the cylinder on the left? What
is the volume? The graduated
cylinder on the right is divided
into increments of ___ ml, so
the volume is ____ ml.
Reading the Meniscus
Get down at eye level to read meniscus
Let’s Try it on Our Own!
53 ml
19 ml
73 ml
More Practice………..
28.5 ml
6.8 ml
What is volume?
What tool is used to measure liquid volume?
What is the basic unit for measuring liquid in the
metric system?
How many mL in a L?
What is the bottom curve of liquid called?
How do you figure out the scale on a graduated
True or False: It is important to look at the
meniscus at eye level.