Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment
How to Measure Length
Length – Distance from one point to
 Units = Meters (Km, cm, etc.)
 Equipment – Ruler, Meter Stick
How to Measure Mass
Mass – Amount of matter in an object
 Units = Grams (Kg, mg, etc.)
 Equipment - Triple beam balance
Mass vs. Weight
 Measure
of gravity's effect on
 Weight = mass x gravitational
 Measure with a scale.
 The
amount of matter in an object
 Can measure with balance weights
because the balance weights
change by the same factor as the
object you are measuring
Mass vs. Weight
Move to a different planet and an object's
weight will change, but its mass will be the
Volume - How much space an object
Methods to Measure Volume:
If liquid, use a graduated cylinder
2. If regular shaped solid, use math formula:
L x W x H = Volume
Methods to Measure Volume:
If irregular solid, use
water displacement
Subtract the
two volumes!
Units of Volume
If liquid, use Liters (L)
 Equipment:
Graduated Cylinder, Beaker
If solid, use meters3 or cm3
 To
the third power because L x W x H, which
is cm x cm x cm = cm3
Which is the Most Precise?
Which of the groups measured the
volume with the highest precision?
Reading Volume
Read from the bottom of the meniscus!
Which of the following pieces of equipment
would be most appropriate for measuring
the volume of a marble?
How to Measure Temperature
 Temperature – The degree of hotness or
coldness of an object.
 Units – °C or Celsius
 Other:
Water boils at 100°C
Water freezes at 0°C