Powerpoint Presentation Project

Software Presentation
LRC 320
Dr. Betts
8 February 2013
New Inventions, Technologies & Literacies to
Improve K-College Classroom Learning
Phoebe Johnston
DaShario C Gilliam
Lorenzo Johnson Jr.
Abdulla Al-Mahmoud
Online Courses
Online courses offers flexibility for
students. This is especially
beneficial for high school and
college students who have busy
schedules or are easily distracted
by the setting of a traditional
classroom. Online courses are also
less expensive than traditional
courses and allow the student to
work at his/her own pace.
Online chats are an excellent
learning tool for students who need to
communicate with other students and
their professor outside of the
classroom. Majority of the chats are
conducted by the instructor and used
to clarify questions concerning the
course. This source is excellent for
questions that the student may have
questions or concerns.
The Discussion Board is created
to allow students to elaborate
ideas related to the topics
discussed in the course. The
Discussion Board is beneficial
because it allows the student to
receive feedback from peers and
his/her professor.
Podcasts are lectures that are conducted by the professor. Similar
to a traditional classroom lecture the professor will teach a subject,
record it and post it via D2L or ITunes to be accessible for students
at anytime. This also helps the students who may be auditory
learners to understand instructions for assignments better.
Response technology that enables and
promotes participation and gives
immediate results. Used in K-12, college
and businesses, clicker technology can
assess data and create a more
functional and efficient work
environment. Used to take exams or to
serve as an attendance-taker, clickers
have revolutionized learning, data
collection and assessment.
Professors/Teachers in large classrooms
can now see where their class stands in
a particular area by getting responses
from everyone in mutilpe choice polls.
Course Management
Systems (CMS)
Students at the University of Arizona are
very familiar with Course Management
Systems, also known as D2L (Desire to
Learn) or Blackboard (used by Eller
students). These systems are widespread
throughout the country, in that most college
institutions utilize them. These websites
give access to all the courses a student is
taking and serves as an imperative tool for
both professors and students. Access to
grades, discussion boards, important links,
readings, dropbox and even the ability to
take exams are just some of the tools used
on D2L/Blackboard.
Tablet PC
Tablet PCs offer some unique abilities for educational use. The
portability, pen-based input, low power consumption, and the
interactive educational apps that can be created for the device.The
only disadvantage is the expensive price which averages at $423.
Online Learning Tools
Achieve 3000
Website is designed for grades K-12 that assesses
the student's reading and writing level. In addition
the site gives the students exercises to increase
their levels according to the assessments.
The purpose of this website is to engage
students in their learning by giving
them exercises appropriate for their grade level.
Online Learning Tools
Fun Brain
This educational website is a fun and interactive that allows
users to learn by watching animated videos and playing
arcade games pertaining to school subjects in math, grammar,
science, spelling and history. It covers from the grade of K-8
and is very exciting! The videos and games are so fun
to watch and play that it makes learning a breeze!
Khan Academy
This educational website provides access to free
instructional videos and tutorials for a variety of
different subjects. It covers from the grades of K-12
and is very helpful and informative if you are
having problems with subjects such as: math,
science topics, finance, history and more!