Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology
HSC 1531
First day handout
Office hours:
Sara Manning, RN, MSN
posted by my door
Welcome to Medical Terminology. If you have ever studied a foreign language, this
course may remind you of those studies; if you have never had the challenge of studying
another language, this class will serve as a preview of that experience. Although the book
will guide you through learning how medical terms are formed and offers a pronunciation
guide, remember that actual pronunciation may be influenced by geography and culture
in the same way that our everyday language is affected.
This is a self-study course, and as such it may be difficult to keep yourself “on track’ with
assignments or tests. I caution you not to let yourself fall behind on tasks; do not
procrastinate. I suggest that you make a calendar and plan to take a test every other week;
do not try to wait until the last 2 weeks to take all your tests.
You may email or call me for an appointment to take your test in building Q.
For your convenience, you may take the tests at the Success Testing Center (building
A). The Testing Center’s hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. Testing at
the Success Center is also available during the evening hours on Tuesday and
Thursday from 5:00 to7:30 pm. Please call or email at least 24 hours before you
plan to go to the Testing Center so I can get your test over there. If you plan to
test in the evening, please notify me on Monday or Wednesday during my office
hours so that I can have your test waiting for you when you arrive. I am not in the
office on Tuesdays or Thursdays to check phone messages or emails.
I encourage you to refer to the syllabus, follow the assignment calendar, call or email if
you have questions or difficulties of any kind related to class. I ask that you remain
flexible about unexpected, but necessary, changes that may be encountered.
I will utilize email through the Desire2Learn (d2L) site to keep in touch with you
throughout the class. If you do not have an email address, please use a computer at the
library to establish one. Check your email daily for messages. Please send an email to me
with your email address, your home address, phone number and an emergency contact
phone number. Also, if there is any information pertaining to your job (that may
influence your studies or test-taking), feel free to communicate that to me.
I have included instructions for logging in to d2L if you have not used the system before.