File end of the war

Partner 1: What were the FIVE causes of WWI?
Partner 2: Give three examples of total war.
Partner 1: Who made up the Allies?
Partner 2: Who made up the Central Powers?
Partner 1: What was the Schlieffen Plan?
Partner 2: Name two reasons why it failed.
Partner 1: What countries fought on the Western Front & the Eastern
• Partner 2: Describe trench warfare.
• Partner 1: What was the significance of the Battles of Verdun and
Somme Valley?
• Partner 2: Give two reasons why Russia was struggling.
• 1. Midterm Study Guide
• 2. WWI Study Guide
How Did The War End?
Russia Struggles
• Russia had lost many men and
• The Russian people felt betrayed by
their weak leaders
• March 1917: Russian revolutionaries
drove the Czar from power and set up
a new government
• The new government promised to keep
on fighting.
United States Enters the War
• “Unrestricted submarine warfare”
• Germans torpedoed British passenger
ship: Lusitania
• 128 American citizens died
• Zimmerman telegram
• Sent from Germany to Mexico
• Promises to give lost Mexican territory
back if they will fight against the USA
• April 2, 1917: America joins
(above) Zimmermann Telegram
as Received by the German
Ambassador to Mexico,
n Telegram:
End of WWI
Russia Withdraws
• Internal revolution shook Russia
• Communist leader Vladimir Lenin seized power
• Signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
• Ended the war between Russia and Germany
Make a newspaper headline
that describes what happened!
Central Powers Collapse
• Germany sent all its forces to the
Western Front
• Germans almost took Paris
• However, Americans had 2 million fresh
• Kaiser Wilhelm II stepped down and
Germany became a republic
• Armistice signed on Nov. 9, 1918 which
ended the war
TWEET what just happened!
Legacy of the War
New technology changed warfare
Idea of war on a global scale
8.5 million soldiers died
Drained European treasuries
Destroyed Europe’s land
Led people to despair
Who can create the best
Paris Peace Conference
• 32 countries met at the Palace of Versailles
• Four major countries
• United States, France, Great Britain, and Italy
• Important topics:
• How to plan for peace
• How to punish Germany
• How to restore boundaries in Europe
Pick four words that describe
the Paris Peace Conference.
Treaty of Versailles
• Signed between Germany and the Allied powers
• #1: Created a League of Nations
• An international association whose goal would be to keep peace
among nations
• Idea came from US President, Woodrow Wilson
• #2: Territory lost
• Lost substantial territory
• Severe restrictions on its military
Who can draw the best
of the League of Nations?
• #3 – “War Guilt” clause
• Placed sole responsibility for the
war on Germany’s shoulders
• #4 – Reparations
• Payments to the Allies to cover the
losses and damages in the war
• #5 – Mandate System
• All of Germany’s territories in Africa and
the Pacific were declared mandates
• Governed by the Allies until they were
ready for independence
Draw a picture of reparations
Creation of New Nations
• The Allied powers signed peace treaties
with each of the other defeated nations
• Several new countries were created out
of these:
• Austro-Hungarian
• Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and
• Hapsburg dynasty FELL
• Ottomans
• Lost Palestine, Iraq, Transjordan, Syria, and
• Russia
• Romania, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia,
and Lithuania
• Romanov family FELL
Make a newspaper headline
that described what happened!
“A Peace Built on Quicksand”
• How did the Germans feel?
• African and Asian territories felt disregarded
• Japan and Italy barely got any territory
• League of Nations wanted peace but had no power
• Pyramid Game