Diversity Project EDE 300-02

Diversity Project
EDE 300-02
Jessica Bunger
Geri Dey-Weeter
Why are they like that?
Grade: 3rd
Unit/Lesson: Differences Among Cultures
Table of Contents
Different types of people Pages 4-6
Languages Pages 7-8
Age Pages 9-11
Disabilities Pages 12-14
Homosexuality Pages 15-17
Class Pages 18-21
Why are they like that?
Why do I see so many different
types of people in America?
Some of the reasons you see so
many different types of people in
We are all immigrants or the
descendants of immigrants who came in
the last 400 years. Immigration has been
so diverse that there is no longer any
majority ethnic or religious group.
Some of the reasons you see
so many different types of
people in America…
The reason we all can’t have the same skin color
is because of a substance called melanin.
Melanin is a skin-produced substance than
absorbs and disperses sunlight, producing
tanning and skin coloration, and thereby blocking
out harmful rays from the sun. We all have the
same amount of melanin, but depending on what
country we are from the melanin is spread out
differently in our body producing different skin
Why don’t we all speak the
same language?
People who are not born in America do not
learn English as their first language. In
some American schools we offer programs
for English as a second language.
English as a second language
Why do they always say “older
people are wiser?”
Older people have lived longer and have
experienced much more than a younger
person can imagine.
Why do they always say “older
people are wiser?”
Seniors love to share their knowledge
and love children.
Activities with Senior Citizens
a field trip to a Senior
Play games at the Center, such
as bingo.
Assign the children a senior
buddy for the whole year.
Why are some people in
Some people are born with
disabilities that do not allow them
to walk. Therefore they must
rely on the use of a wheelchair.
Activities for Children in
Halloween costume idea
Accepting Differences
Using Clifford The Big Red Dog episode
108A, the class will learn how to accept
differences among peers.
What is homosexuality?
This website offers ways of explaining
to children people’s different
Books dealing with
Heather Has Two Mommies by Lesléa
Newman; Illustrated by Diana Souza
Activities dealing with
The Attitudes Game
This game, based on an exercise by Phyllis Vos
Wezeman in her book "Creating Compassion:
Activities for Understanding HIV/AIDS", brings up
some of the facts and myths regarding gay and
lesbian people.
What does “Class” mean?
Class refers to your position in society.
In America, we have Upper Class,
Middle Class, and Working Class
Upper Class
This term usually refers to people
in America who hold the most
money or hold positions of power.
For example, the President of the
United States.
Middle Class
Middle class is a term that usually
refers to people who make the
average amount of money.
Working Class
This term usually refers to people who
make below average income. An
example would be factory workers.