Video Notes Review

Notes: HON & BIO
Discovery School – Life Science Cell
Video Notes Review
Directions: go to my school website. Click on the videos tab and find the video Discovery Ed Life Science Cell. Watch,
pause and rewind to answer the following questions. Turn this sheet in for credit when done.
1. How many cells make up the human body?
2. Why is the cell like a factory?
3. Where are the instructions located to make every cell in the body run?
4. What is mitosis?
5. Explain what this phrase means? “Most cells in our body are younger than we are”
6. What are the components of blood?
7. How is a red blood cell similar to a bacteria cell?
8. What happens when blood passes through the lungs?
9. How are red blood cells like garbage collectors?
10. How long does a red blood cell live for?
11. How are new red blood cells made?
12. What do white blood cells do?
13. What are platelets?
14. Identify the functions of our skin. Why is our skin important?
15. What is the epidermis?
16. What is the dermis and why is it important?
17. What is melanin? Why is it important?
18. What causes skin cancer?
19. With relation to cells, what is cancer? How is it related to cell division?
20. How does cancer spread?
21. What are lymphocytes? How could it be used to fight cancer?
22. What is killing the fish?
23. What is special about dinoflagellates?
24. What is making these protista go from a dormant state to a toxic?