IPL Skin Rejuvenation/Pigmentation Information

The Skin Rejuvenation Treatment.
Record 618 is a gentle and effective treatment for Skin Rejuvenation. A course
of 3-10 treatments is necessary with weekly intervals for the best results,
depending on the area treated.
The signs of aging and sun-damage on the face can be formed from multiple
Loss of elastin and collagen from the dermal matrix, forms lines and wrinkles
and gives the skin a dull saggy appearance with large open pores.
Pigmentation changes caused by excessive sun exposure can leave the skin with
distinct brown spots and patches.
Enlarged or broken capillaries and a thinning of the skin can produce red
flushed areas and even distinct visible veins especially around the nose and cheek
While there is no single system available to deal with all these conditions, the
Record 618 will perorm a skin rejuvenation treatment that will help to soften the
visable aspects of all factirs and will:
-soften lines and wrinkles
- tighten and tone the skin and pores
- reduce pigmentation
- improve redness and broken capillaries
The light is absorbed by the melanin and the superficial blood vessles in the skin
which creates a heat reaction that destroys the melanin in the melanocytes,
coagulates blood vessels and stimulates collagen production.
New collagen is formed in response to the body’s perceived injury to ‘heal the
wound’. The light from the record 618 prenetrates deep into the skin heating up
the microvascular and triggers of this healing response.
The light by targeting the veins and
It is necessary to avoid sun exposure and sun beds 4 weeks prior to and 4 weeks
after your treatment.
The epidermis also contains melanin and the amount increases when the skin is
exposed to UV-light. For that reason it is necessary to treat darker skinned and
tanned clients with lower energy levels to avoid over heating the skin.
If you have any queries regarding your treatment please call the salon at any
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