Unit Four – Europe in the Middle Ages – Study Guide
1. Define feudalism and describe how it divided society.
2. Joan of Arc defended France in what war? How did she do this?
3. The Black Death originated from what region? How did it impact Europe?
4. What is the significance of the Magna Carta?
5. How were the Crusades justified by Christians? Why would a knight fight in The Crusades?
6. How did Charlemagne’s religious beliefs impact his kingdom?
7. What is chivalry? How does one display chivalry?
8. What is a religious sacrament? Give an example.
9. Name three effects of the Crusades.
10. Why would the Crusades be called “history’s most successful failure?”
11. What is a manor? Who lived on the manor? Who would people on a manor depend on for religious guidance?
12. What type of architecture celebrated Christianity in the late middle ages? Describe this architecture.
13. What was the Reconquista? Who carried this out?
14. Describe the impact of St. Benedict on the Catholic Church?
15. Name two contributions William the Conqueror made to England.
Define the following terms:
Common law
Lay investiture
Long bow
Holy Roman Empire