Above is a caffeine molecule. Label all of the atoms as sp, sp2, or

Above is a caffeine molecule. Label all of the atoms as sp,
sp2, or sp3.
What is the electron configuration for Bromine?
Draw the two resonance structures of ozone, O3.
Write what type of hybridization each carbon has. Draw
the electron cloud for each bond of this molecule.
Draw a corrected version of this molecule, including
formal charges.
Vinegar and sodium hydroxide react. Show the reaction,
the transfer of electrons using arrows, label the
conjugate acid and conjugate bases, and predict the
direction of the reaction using the pKa’s. The pKa of
acetic acid is 4.75 and the pKa of water is 15.7.
Identify the following as Lewis acids/bases and Bronsted
Lowry acids/bases:
Acetic acid
Draw all of the resonance structures for these three
Draw 1-chloropropane as a sawhorse and all the newman
projections. Draw gauche, the other staggered
conformations, and the eclipsed conformation. There
should be a total of four at different energy levels. Which
are the highest and lowest in energy?
Draw the following alkyl groups:
Methyl, ethyl, propyl, isopropyl, butyl, isobutyl, sec-butyl,
Draw examples of London dispersion forces, dipoledipole forces, and hydrogen bonds with ammonia. What
are the requirements for hydrogen bonding?
Draw an example of the following functional groups:
Arene, Alkane, alkene, alkyne, alcohol, ether, ester,
carboxylic acid, amide, ketone, aldehyde
Name this molecule:
Draw 1,1-dibromo-3,5-dichloro-4-isopropylpentane.
Then write its correct name and why the original name is
Draw C4H8O, with an alcohol group
Draw C5H6BrClO, with a ring
Draw 2,2-dimethylpentane with stereochemistry (dashes
and wedges)
Find the relations between these compounds
(constitutional isomers, identical molecules, and not
Give one possible structure for the following formula,
using the IR spectra to determine the functional group.