Unit 3 Review

Reactivity of Na vs. Mg
• Why did I add phenolphthalein?
• What are the reactions of Na & Mg in water?
• How do you explain their reactivity?
Formal Lab Reports
• Purpose should be in full sentences
• Data is NOT the same as observations
• You need to record data (quantitative) as well
Why did I add phenolphthalein?
as describe what you see (qualitative)
• Sample calculation for each type of calculation
you do
Formal Lab Reports
• Discussion must be in full sentences and you
were asked to INCLUDE the answers to the
• Conclusion should be short and sweet. Just
tell me the results you got! Rf values &
unknown mixture
Unit 3 Review
Models of the Atom
Dalton: hypotheses and laws
Thomson: plum pudding model
Rutherford: nuclear model
Bohr: planetary model, Bohr diagrams
Heisenberg & Schrodinger: electron cloud
Subatomic Structure
• Proton, electron, neutrons
• Charge, mass, location?
• How does changing each of the above change
an element or atom?
• Ions, isotopes, % abundance
• Mass number vs. atomic mass
• Calculating atomic mass
Periodic Table
• How was it developed? How is it organized?
• Periods vs. families/groups
• Trends: subatomic particles, properties,
reactivity, valence electrons, ionization energy,
atomic radius, electronegativity
• Octet rule
• Metals, nonmetals, semiconductors
• Homonuclear diatomic molecules
Lewis Structures & Bonding
• Ionic vs. covalent bonds
• Lewis structures of atoms, ions, ionic &
covalent compounds
• Dipole moments & polarity
• >1 possible structure? Look at formal charge
• How is bonding affected by valence electrons?
• P 188 #86 e, f, k, l, m, p, q, r, s, v, x, y