Arabic 3 H_IB

Class Syllabus – ARABIC 3 Honors/IB – 6th Period
Mr. Wiley – [email protected]
COURSE OBJECTIVES/METHODOLOGY: MarHaban to Arabic 3 Honors/IB! Students will focus
on language learning and development in four main areas: listening, reading, writing and speaking.
Learning activities will include listening comprehension of audio and video selections, learner-centered
games, vocabulary puzzles, dictations, and creative group projects.
TEXTS/MATERIALS: Al-Kitaab fii Ta’allum al-‘Arabiyya (Vol. 1) is the main text for the first
semester. The second semester of the course will be based on the second volume. Throughout the year
supplementary materials developed by Mr. Wiley will be given to each student that will expand
vocabulary and grammar topics beyond these two textbooks.
UNITS OF INSTRUCTION: Picking up in Lesson 16 of Al-Kitaab, themes of the third year course
include holidays, the body, health, emergencies, geography and the environment. Emphasis will be given
in the third year to developing students’ oral fluency and reading comprehension.
GRADING SCALE: The semester grades are weighted as follows:
25% Unit Exams & Quizzes
25% Attendance & active participation
20% Homework
20% Projects/presentations
10% Final Exam
ABSENCES/TARDIES: LPHS policy is that three tardies will result in an automatic detention. Students
will be docked points for every tardy and unexcused absence.
MAKE-UP WORK: Students are responsible for all work assigned during absences. For an excused
absence, homework is due the class after the student’s return to school. Partial credit is given to
assignments turned in late. The general expectation is that all work should be turned in; zeros are not
1. Each student needs to provide an empty, 1” ring binder that is to be used only for Arabic. All
of the class materials will be handed out to them, hole-punched, to be kept in this binder.
2. Additionally, each student should have a spiral notebook, or loose-leaf paper kept in their ring
binder, for completing written assignments.
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