LING 566 Summary of Students Projects 3_11_2015

Research Questions and Topics
LING 566 Spring 2015
Lujain Alkhazy
Comparing the internal structure of the DP in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and in Quassim
Arabic (QA) spoken in the Al-Qassim area.
Anna Avetisyan
The effects of “extensive” reading in a language on someone’s development of that new language.
Raleigh Barrett
Looking at the borrowing patterns between Modern Standard Arabic and Kiswahili (using
cognates) as an indicator of political and cultural identities.
Drew Bennett
What are the neurological underpinnings of children’s reading of a logographic writing system—
Mandarin precisely? How do they compare to those of children who read in a phonographic
writing system.
Matt Bolin
The role of explicit grammar instruction on a fluency-based classroom
Kate Grayson
Comparing (to be) selected writing “errors” in English in writing by Japanese and Chinese
speakers, respectively—different? or the same?
Daniel Guerrero
Does bilingual immersion education improve middle-school children’s ability to navigate/solve
word problems in mathematics?
Gunes Haque
The development of spoken language in CODA populations (Children of Deaf Adults)
or… Language loss with Alzheimer’s (L1? L2?)
Jamie Lee
French vs English vowels in language learning (rounding?)
Cindy Martinsson
Omission of auxiliary have in Swedish, English, and Irish English.
Kimzey McGrath
The relationship between (predictive power of?) information from language aptitude testing and
success with SLA.
Sean Saly
What are the effects of direct phonetic/articulatory instruction on foreign language learning?
Paola Segura
Pre-school teachers’ responses to children’s code switching between Spanish and English.
Roxanna Trejo
How does ambient language in early childhood affect children’s later learning/acquisition of that
Alysa Valles
How do Spanish speakers deal with the /i/ /I/ contrast in English [moving from non-phonemic
differences to new contrasts in another language]
Mrinalini Watson
Language shift and language attrition through an ecolinguistic lens: Marwari, Hindi, and English
Lydia Williams
Women and language acquisition: what motivates young women to learn a new language?