Class Debate #1

Mr. Fulumirani
Room 125/32
Fred T. Korematsu MS
Fall Semester 2015
World History*
Class Debate #1
Periods: 1, 2, 3, 6, & 7 (Grade 7)
January 12, 2016
Arabic was declared the official language of the Muslim Empire in the
early 700s. While most people spoke their own languages, Arabic was
required for government, business, and religious affairs. In addition,
scholars and thinkers all over the Muslim Empire were able to converse
with each other because Arabic was the language of intellectual pursuits.
Was this a good thing to do? Perhaps it was.
Directions: divide the class in two and hold a debate on the following
issue: “Resolved that making English the official language of the Internet
(Social Media) will harm the development of other languages around the
The rapid growth of the Social media sites has launched English as
becoming the universal language. What do you think? Why?
Always do your best work!
Mr. Fulumirani
*This is a group activity that requires 100% participation!