Five College Spoken Arabic Course Application

Five College Center for the Study of World Languages – Spoken Arabic Course Application
Course information and application instructions online at:
Questions? E-mail [email protected] or call 413-542-5264.
NOTE: Applications are accepted from Amherst, Hampshire, Mt. Holyoke, Smith and UMass Amherst
students. Non-students and non-Five College students should contact the Center about non-credit private
tutoring arrangements.
E-Mail Address:
Arabic Dialect Course for which you are applying:
Major or concentration:
Minor and/or certificate programs:
Name and department of academic advisor:
Expected graduation year:
Grade point average (or division status for Hampshire students):
1. What language(s) do you speak at home? Do you read and write in the language(s)? In what
language(s) and countries did you receive your formal education? At what ages or grade levels did you
attend school in each language? Have you participated in a study abroad or student exchange program?
2. What language courses have you taken (secondary school and college/university)? What grades did you
receive? If your college has a language requirement, how are you meeting that requirement?
3. What experience have you had with the language you want to study and/or experience with residence in
a country/community where the language is spoken? What courses have you taken related to areas in
which the language is spoken?
4. Why do you want to learn this language? Discuss how you decided upon this particular language and
what level of proficiency you are seeking. How does proficiency in this language fit with your academic
and vocational goals?
5. Do you have time to study this language in the upcoming semester? As with all language courses,
courses in the Mentored Language Program require a significant time commitment during the semester.
Progress in language learning comes only from consistent practice and it takes many hours to develop
proficiency. Language study needs to be approached with the same regularity and time commitment as
required in athletic training, mastery of a musical instrument, or performance rehearsals for dance and
theater. For regular courses (half-courses), students should expect to study at least one hour per day or 7-8
hours per week. For full-courses, students should expect to study at least 2 hours per day or 14-15 hours
per week.
Please discuss how you will integrate your language study with the rest of your schedule for the
semester. How many other courses will you be taking? What extra-curricular and work obligations will
you have? What will be your strategy for fitting regular language study into the rest of your life? Where
does language study fall in your priorities for the semester?
6. What questions or concerns do you have about how the course will work for you?
REMINDER: You also need to complete the Spoken Arabic Course Orientation Tutorial and submit the
response. Click to access the orientation
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