The Reformation

The Reformation
Martin Luther challenges the Church
• A religious reform movement which starts in GERMANY
Why important:
• Leads to the development of new religions & forever changes
European society
Roman Catholic Church
• Dominated European religious life by 10th century
• Renaissance emphasis on secularism, individualism &
humanism challenged Church authority
Roman Catholic
Critics of the Catholic Church
• Claimed leaders were corrupt
• Senior Priests often lived in luxury, fought wars &
patronized the arts
• Lower level clergy were poorly educated, could often
barely read or teach
• Others broke vows by gambling, marrying & drinking
Past Challenges to the Church
John Hus
Challenged Roman Catholic Church
Burned at staked in 1415
Church Faces Financial Problems
Church needed money
Pope Leo X put Johann Tezel in
charge of selling indulgences
Tezel Reading
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