Monroe Doctrine


Monroe Doctrine

Early 1800s in

Latin America was a period of revolution and liberation.

Chile, Venezuela,

Mexico and Brazil have gained their freedom from

Spain and

Portugal. The

United States recognizes them as legitimate countries.

Monroe Doctrine

America fears that other foreign countries like France and Britain may now want to control these countries in Latin


Warns European nations that they cannot set up colonies or interfere in Latin American problems anymore.

Monroe Doctrine

The United States will protect North and South

America from any

European influence.

The United States will not involve itself in European affairs militarily or politically.

Monroe Doctrine

President James

Monroe first stated the doctrine in


Its primary stated objective was to free the newly independent colonies of Latin

America from

European intervention and control.

Monroe Doctrine

Implicit in the doctrine was: freeing Latin

America from

European intervention and control would allow for US intervention and control.

History of US interventions in

Latin America.

Chile - Sept. 11, 1973.