with an offset in the themes presented and dialogs taken

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The Reflection Paper
The Reflection Paper
As in your Action Learning Group (ALG), the individual reflection paper invites you to stop and revisit your most important
learning's from the Modules. It inyites you to recall, think about, question, explore, make sense and reflect on what you and
others said and did, and thereby ‘put theories and thoughts in use’ to become aware of how to think and act differently in the
future. The Paper invites you to question, to understand and to reflect on your personal thoughts, feelings and underlying
beliefs and assumptions - to support your personal and managerial development.
It might be your own personal reflection with an outset in your notes during the Kick off days, you might also call a PMD
colleague and spar with her / him or you might bring up your reflections in your Action Learning Group and get further
perspectives on your learning's and ‘takeouts’.
We would like you to choose 2 of the possible 6 questions, make a 1-2 pager on each theme and e-mail them to Birgit:
[email protected] no later than the October 31st .
Birgit will sign for the Paper, and present a short sum up of all PMD participants reflections and learning's on Module 1.
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PMD Reflection Paper 1
Follow up on Kick off
– with an offset in the themes presented and dialogs taken - on kick off:
As manager, reflect on your present focus and prioritizations on changes of interest and value, and in what way you will
have to challenge yourself to change attitudes, routines, habits, pervious understandings and values to implement these
Who will benefit the most from possible changes in the way you manage?
The possibilities you could see in Julian Birkinshaw’s Management Model theory and the dialogs you engaged in on Kick
off in relation to actual problems or challenges in your BU? Possible initiatives? Actions and steps for you and your leader?
Expected gains?
New valuable knowledge of Danske Bank Group as organization?
In what way will / might this new knowledge change your management style / focus?
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PMD Reflection Paper 1
Follow up on Kick off
Reflect on:
A ) The dialogs on ‘Loyalty’ as selected PMD talent (The voice of the organization), and
B ) ‘Customers’ as the context for (almost) anything in the future (The PMD talents & feedback from the group of leaders). Taking the
customer perspective and not only having the customer in your focus?
Your understanding of the two themes, new perspectives, new attitudes and actions?
Challenges – for you, for your BU, for Danske Bank as organisation? Ways and strategies through towards improvements / new ways
and mindset?
Why do you think the group of leaders underlined the importance of the PMD managers ‘challenging themselves’ – and not only to
think of ‘challenging their leader’, as Trond said?
How will you act differently in order for her/him to experience that you are challenging yourself?
How could you challenge yourself the most – behaviour, understanding, management values, management style, attitude, skills,
……………..? How would that be of value to the Bank?
The most important learning for you from the Kick off?
What will be the effect of this learning? (Behaviour, attitude, perspectives, development focus). Adjustments in your Development
Account? And who will experience the change the most – experience the highest value of a possible change in your focus as
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