PMD Promo Design s.cons. a rl

“You can design and create, and
build the most wonderful
place in the world. But it takes
people to make the dream a
Promo Design s.cons. a r.l.
Walt Disney
“From Idea to Shelf”
R&D and Product Development Company
“If you want something new, you
have to stop doing something
Peter F. Drucker
product and process development
industrial design
concepts generation
3D laser scanning
3D data management
additive techniques
prototypes and small series
PMD - Promo Design s.cons. a r.l.
Via Vittorio Emanuele 32, 50041 Calenzano
[email protected]
In the last 2 years up to 9 Patents have
been developed in PMD like a new “pole
planting” gps controlled machine, a
cash-in cash-out machine, a banknote
validating machine, a new “stepable”
solar light.
Next to come in a few months:
•new low cost 3D body scanner
•“Smart Crossing” system and
•new way of applying sun cream on
your skin
PMD Promo Design s.cons. a r.l.
PMD is working on:
A public-private held company whose shareholders are
local Governments and Administrations, Associations,
Companies and Universities; our mission statement is to
help everyone, who has a good idea, to develop a
product, trough a growing national and international
network of Hi-Tec labs, Universities and Companies.
Architecture, Design and Cultural Heritage:
PMD is member and founder of:
3D scanning and reconstruction of Lorenzo Ghiberti Noth
Door of S.John Baptistry , Florence
3D scanning of all the pannels and making bronze casted
Donatello’s “Spiritelli” , Louvre-Opera di S.Maria del
Fiore (Florence)
3D scanning and bronze replica
Industry , Product Developement and Research:
3D scanning, new low cost 3D scanners
Innovation Pole of Mechanic of Tuscany Region
3D Additive Machine, big volume (1mx1mx1m) low cost
Hochshule Emden – Leer
University of Applied Sciences
Developing partner
And a lot more to come..
Tuscany Region Center for Motors, Vehicles and
Visit us at
Product and Process Development
New Ideas, Design and Concepts
Systematic Problem Solving and Innovation
Technology Forecasting
Time to Market Reduction Techniques
3D Data Management
Market and Strategy
FEM – CFD Computational Analysis
Prototypes , 3D Printing and Small Series
3D Scanning and Data Reconstruction