Mineral Homework - Whitlock-Science

Mineral Homework – Earth Science
1. Write down the 4 (or 5) things that earth scientists must ask to tell if something is a mineral?
2. Approximately how many minerals are there on earth’s crust?
3. What is the difference between the following: silicon, silica, silicate?
4. What are the 2 main groups of minerals?
*5. (you will have to look this one up in one of the blue earth science books or on the internet)
a. What are five major non-silicate groups? b. Give 2 names of minerals that are examples in
each group.
7. Non-silicate minerals only make up ________% of the earth’s crust.
8. Describe the difference between the following: rock hound, gemologist, mineralogist
9. What property of gold allows it to be easily collected by “panning” it out of water? Why?
10. You ask your grandma to take you to the VT Mineral and Gem Show. As she drops you off
outside in the parking lot, she reads some bumper stickers on the cars and shakes her head.
Using your vast knowledge of minerals, tell her what each one is really talking about.
A. “I’m a 10 on Mohs’ Scale”
B. “ I
C. “ Want to Streak?”
D. “What an Ore! Don’t Mine if I do.”
E. “Nice Tail(ings)!”