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Welcome Back Assignment
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Directions: Answer each of the questions based on the readings found in your textbook. We will review
this information in class. This assignment is due at the end of the week.
Answer the following questions based on your reading of pages 342-347 in your textbook.
Two major changes occurred in the Early Modern period. First, new empires replaced smaller political entities;
and second, trade became truly international. Based on the two maps found on page 343:
a. How does the political map of the world change from beginning to end of the period?
b. Additionally, what evidence is provided in the maps to support the second major trend of the time period?
Provide specific information to support your point.
Explain the three main triggers for change listed on pages 342-344 in your own words. In your response, you
should also explain the major changes brought about by these triggers.
a. Expansion of Empire-Building
b. European exploration
c. New technology
With all of the change during the Early Modern Period, did anything stay the same? If so, what? If not, why not?
Historians categorize the period from 1450-1750 CE as the Early Modern Period. Based on your reading of the
introduction to the unit, why might this name have been chosen? Provide justifications for your response.
Chapter 16 Reading Questions (pg. 348-366):
1. Describe the technological innovations that made the global domination of the West possible.
In your own words, trace the early exploration of the world by the West.
What is meant by the term Columbian Exchange? Describe the trend in your own words.
What is mean by the term “Core area”? What is meant by the term “Dependent zone”? How are the two related?
How did China respond to the new world economy?
Compare British and French North America with other European colonies.
Evaluate the results of the creation of a world economy. What were the positive consequences of this trend? What
were the negative consequences?
After reading Chapter 16, you should be able to identify the following terms:
Dutch East India Company
British East India Company
Columbian Exchange
Core Nations
Dependent Zones