The Really Basic Computer Quiz

The Really Basic
Computer Quiz
Question 1
Which drive
should you
use to save
your work?
Question 2
Name two
Question 3
Name two
Question 4
Name two
pieces of
Question 5
Name two
pieces of
Question 6
What is the
device called
that does the
and is the
brains of the
Question 7
What must
have to work
at all?
Question 8
What are the
physical parts
of a computer
Question 9
What is the term
that tells
the computer to
carry out a
specific task?
Question 10
When logging
in, should you
have a space
between your
first and last
Choice 1
A. I love to play computer games… the more
intense the graphics, the better.
B. I just want something to do my homework on.
You write this for #1
A. 4GB Memory
B. 3GB or less of Memory
You write this for #2
A. 256 MB Video Card
B. 128 MB Video Card
Choice 3
A. I need to be able to save lots of stuff!
B. I’m not making movies and I certainly don’t
need to save my downloaded music.
You write this for #3
A. 320 GB Hard drive
B. At least 100 GB Hard Drive
Choice 4
A. I’ll only use for short time periods.
B. I’m IMing all weekend 
You write this for #4
A. 56W Battery
B. 85W Battery
Choice 5
A. I like to write out my homework by hand
B. Um…. Just click Print.
You write this for #5
A. No Printer
B. Add Printer