Cells Crossword HL

Cells Crossword
9. examples are vacuole, mitochondria and ribosomes
12. a group of organs working together to do the same job
14. contains a green chemical called chlorophyll, which traps light energy for
16. these cells carry messages around your body, it has sensors for this
17. a group of similar tissues working together to do the same job
20. these cells are produced by a female and are much larger than a sperm cell,
these are what make babies
22. these cells has a tail to help it swim, this cells function is to fertilize an egg
24. examples are sugar, proteins and DNA
1. controls what goes in and out of the cell
2. these cells kill germs that get into your body, they make anti-bodies
3. where respiration happens
4. these are used to build up tissues
5. these cells brush dirt or nerves upwards (ciliated cell)
6. where chemical reactions happen
7. a living thing
8. contains cell sap
10. make proteins
11. these cells function is take in water from the soil (this cell is from a plant)
13. controls the cell
15. these cells function to carry oxygen, it has particular shape for this
18. the outer segments of these cells contains a chemical to help you see colour (in
the cell)
19. a group of similar cells working together to do the same job
21. these cells functions is to make sugar, it needs chloroplast for this (palisade cell)
23. made of cellulose strength and support