Cell Structure & Function Quiz

Cell Structure & Function Quiz
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Identify the labeled parts of the cell diagrams below. There are 12 structures total.
Match each of the following functions with the appropriate structure.
13. jelly-like substance that holds the organelles in place
14. small organelle that produces proteins
15. contains digestive enzymes to break down food, wastes, & worn-out cell
16. transports materials through the cell
17. modifies and packages proteins for export
18. stores energy
19. produces ribosomes
20. protects and gives shape to plant and bacterial cells
21. traps sunlight energy and converts it into food for plants
22. directs all the activities of the cell
23. stores food, water, and wastes
24. protects the cell and allows materials to enter and leave the cell
A. lysosome
B. Golgi body
C. nucleus
D. ribosome
E. mitochondria
F. chloroplast
G. cell wall
H. nucleolus
I. vacuole
J. cell membrane
K. endoplasmic reticulum
L. cytoplasm