Cells and Tissues – An Overview

Cells and Tissues – An Overview
Honors Anatomy & Physiology
Chapter 3
Hand in when done please!
I. The Cell
4 elements that make up the bulk of the body are:
Cell –
What does the term “generalized” mean?
What actually determines a cell’s structure?
Organelle (we will discuss these in later detail next class) –
Plasma Membrane –
Discuss the physiological functions that occur within all cells.
II. Tissues
The human body starts out as __________________________________.
What happens next (you should remember this from Biology)?
Specialization –
Tissue –
4 Main Types of Tissue
(with a special descriptive term for each and a chief location)
III. Developmental Aspects of Cells & Tissues
When do most cells stop undergoing mitosis? ________________________________
What are the exceptions?
Besides tissue changes associated with age, what are some changes in cells/tissues
that can occur at any time? Describe them briefly. (page 90)
IV. Cancer = The Intimate Enemy (pages 88 – 89)
Summarize what cancer is, how it can start, how to prevent it, etc.