1950 - 5-6AmericanHistory

the 1950's
Garrett Himler, TJ Kotarski,
Marissa Markee, Brianne Lucot
f-11 by James Rosenquist
Grease video:
Elvis Video
Music of the
Elvis Presley
- 77 million sales in his lifetime.
- "heart throb" of the 50's.
- new kind of dancing.
Bill Haley
- One of the first Rock n' Roll Musicians
Nat King Cole
- Jazz. Known for his soft baritone voice.
- Mostly popular in the early 50's.
Jerry Lee Lewis
- Early pioneer of Rock n' Roll
- Main hits in the late 50's.
Frank Sinatra
- Known as a crooner.
- Entering the mid 50's, he
added more swing into his
Suburban life
-Campaign to create "ideal" American family.
-70% of all women were married by 24. Causing a baby boom
with the generation
-Glamorization in media. Saw and expected to own a home,
car and raise a family in your 20's.
-Television was a large part of home life.
-Increase in secretary jobs, allowing
women to get out of the house.
-Mid 50's teens started rebelling and
going outside the ideal family vision.
Suburban life
Pop Culture
and its
As nuclear weapons became closer to
being used, kids and teenagers became
more nervous.
Rock n roll was the music trend of the 50's.
Culture in the 50's was formed around
building bomb shelters, and the Red Scare.
- Babies born in the 50's were called
baby boomers because the amount of
people moving to the suburbs and
creating families increased.
Duck Butt
Ivy Leaguer
Peter Pan
Pucci and Givenchy Emerged.
Coco Chanel re-opened her house.
Dupont began mass producing polyester.
Christian Dior passes away
Towards the end of the decade, Givenchy
and Yves Saint Laurent began to
introduce the more shapeless 60's look.
Suzy Parker
Suzy Parker was the girl that every girl wanted to be and
every boy wanted to date. She was a beautiful
redheaded model with a zestful personality. She
appeared on over 60 magazine covers. She looked
good in everything from a red sequin dress to a classic
trench coat, a piece that she turned into a staple in
every woman's closet. She caused some controversy
after appearing in an ad in nothing other than nylons.
She was married 3 times. She became sick and went
through countless dialysis treatments. She died on May
3, 2003 but left behind her a great legacy.
Theater, Film, and Television
Consumerism: The beginning of the
wonderful world of advertising.
50% of homes had a TV set, causing
theatre attendance to decline drastically
Industry began converting into sound
Many teenagers attended drive-ins for a
cheap date.
James Dean: First American Rebel
Lucille Ball: Epitome of an American
The Crucible
The Crucible was written by
Arthur Miller in 1953. It
was his commentary on
the current state of
government in the form
of the 1692 Salem Witch
Trials. The Crucible won
the Tony in 1953 for
Best Play.
Limiting Communism
Anti-Communism rallies
were held
These public rallies are
iconically seen in films
Coined as a witchhunt
Security Act began
the paranoia
Required all
associated with or
associated with
McCarthy Trials
Trials that deemed people as guilty deported
individuals that were found guilty as
Trials had very little against accused to deem
them as communist
Trials ended when individuals in the military
were accused as being communist
A Fair Deal
Full Employment
Higher Minimum Wage
Subsidies for Farmers
National Health Care
Affordable Housing
Stop Racial Discrimination
Did it work????
American people and politicians were more
interested in stability, not more government
“The absence
of war is not
Created the interstate system
Aimed to Balance the Nation's Budget
Expanded the Social Security into a
cabinet level agency
Increased spending on Education
Integrated the Troops
Held over 200 press conferences
Progressive Republican Party
"Willing to fight for the right"t
Policy of Containment
Containment: an act or policy of restricting the territorial
growth or ideological influence of another, especially
a hostile nation
Cut back government spending on programs severely so
more money could be spent on militaristic needs.
Vietnam: Rebels began to form a coup to overthrow the
Southern Vietnamese government. Eisenhower
supported the current government and armed them
to fight off the communists.
In Latin America and the Middle East, Eisenhower used
government agencies to prevent budding nationalist
and communist groups from gaining power.
Historic Events and People
Korean Conflict- Very public containment
Marshall plan- Stimulated the economies of
Western European economies
1959- Cuban Independence
Historic Events and People
Immigration and Naturalization Act- Limited
Immigration of immigrants into the United
States. Allowed special kinds of immigrants.
Highway System- First interstate highway
system begins to be constructed
Moa ZeDong- China becomes Communist
Great Leap Forward- Chinese attempt to
quickly modernize
Stalin dies in 1953- Khrushchev denounces
Inventions and Discoveries
-credit card(1950)
-hydrogen bomb(1952)
-first robot(1954)
-video recorded(1956)
-first organ transplant(1950) -seat belts(1952)
-transistor radio(1953)
-video tape(1956)
-color t.v(1951)
-Sputnik1 launched by the soviet union. First
satellite to orbit Earth.
-Polio Vaccine was dicovered by Jonas Sulk in
1952. Epidemic of 52: 60,000 registered cases
and 3,000 deaths just in the U.S.