Leader Analysis Sheet

Leader Analysis Sheet
Name of Leader:
Joseph Stalin
Died in 1953 born in 1878
Country/region: Soviet Union (Russia)
Title: name known as steel
Years in Power was in power for roughly from his
takeover in the 1924 till his death in 1953
Political, Social, & Economic Conditions Prior to Leaders Gaining Power
Lenin who was previously in charge had died of sickness
New era of land disruption to the peasants
Trotsky began to jockey for power along with Stalin
Communist party had taken power as the single dominant force
Lenin created new economic policies giving small business owners and peasant landowners more freedom
Ideology, Motivation, Goals:
Much more rigid form of interpretation of the Marxist doctrine
Supported his own version of the communist ideals known as Stalinism
Heavy industrialization of Russia/ modernization
Represented the anti-western strain in Russian tradition
Set up a special department that help guide communist parties in other countries take power
Significant Actions & events During Term of Power
Sent any of those who opposed him to camps in Siberia to do hard labor
Fought against Hitler after being betrayed during WW2
Rival leaders were killed or expelled
Attacked peasant landownership with a new collectivization system
Massive program to collectivize agriculture had begun
Five year plan for industrial development was created industrial development
Short-Term effects:
Long-Term Effects
Purge of the Red Army on the eve of invasion
Five year plans
Creation and expansion of education
Attack on Russian Orthodox Church
Rapid industrialization after and during the 2nd world
Party congresses or meetings known as Politburo
Caused Russia to lose most of the early battles in
WW2 against Germany
Allowed the Soviet Union to be a industrial country
independent of western-dominated world banking
Allowed the early education of communist ideals to
the next generation
Lead to large almost nonexistent following for
Large environmental damage and pollution to the
These party meetings were nothing more then mere
rubber stamps