Chapter 19: Cold War Politics

Chapter 19: Cold War Politics
Section 2: The Cold War at Home
The Hunt for Communists
____________________________________________________ (HUAC)
Resumed hearings during the cold war
Voice of reason in committee – Congressman Richard Nixon
______________________________: implicated by Whittaker Chambers
Evidence: a roll of microfilm found hidden in a pumpkin patch
-traced back to Hiss
Federal Employee Loyalty Program: Truman 1947
Used to evaluate the ____________________________________
_____________________________: Congress 1950
Made it illegal to engage in the activities that would create a communist government
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg: implicated by Klaus Fuchs
Convicted of sharing _____________________________________ with the Soviets
The McCarthy Era
“Proved” Communist infiltration into Truman administration
No credible evidence- still ruined reputation for many officials
McCarthyism = ____________________________________________________
McCarthy took over the Chair of the Senate subcommittee on investigations into Communist activities
1954-McCarthy condemned, but Red Hunt continued
The Red Hunt Goes On
Vigilante groups: used vicious & illegal means to discredit suspected communists
_____________________________: vigilante group
John Henry Faulk (radio personality) spoke out against them
Faulk’s career was ruined
Cleared in 1963
Legacy of the ______________________ faded eventually but was not forgotten
Section 3: The Eisenhower Years
Warrior in the White House
1952 Presidential Campaign
______________________________________ -Republican
Controversial from the get-go
Eisenhower As President
Eisenhower depended on consensus decision making
Focused on major issues and delegated others to his advisors
“____________________________________________” politics
–like many republican presidents before him
Second Term
Republican president and Democratic Congress
Focused on: (The public was very focused on this too)
_____________________________________(Cuba) and
_____________________________________________ (Soviets)
Network of highways: increase road safety, promote commerce and preserve unity
Self described: “______________________________ when it comes to money and
_______________________________when it comes to human beings”
Extension of Social Security
Expansion of unemployment compensation
Increased minimum wage
More federally funded low-income housing
In with the New
1960 campaign
_____________________________ vs. ___________________________
Social class
Political experience
Attitude toward spending
Opinion on foreign and domestic policy
Issue of civil rights
TV and radio:
Kennedy exploited his __________________________________,
Nixon _____________________________
Popular vote was very close, but Kennedy prevailed