The Crucible Power Point - Reitz Memorial High School

The Crucible
By: Arthur Miller
Witches, demons, and evil spirits actually exist.
It’s easy to tell the difference between what is right and
what is wrong.
There are circumstances or events that justify murdering
Withholding information is the same as lying.
God determines your fate or destiny.
Anyone who is different from what is considered
“normal” is dangerous.
It is ok to lie as long as you don’t get caught.
Gossiping about other people is harmless.
You should always be willing to accept the consequences
of your actions.
The Crucible is based on
true events that
occurred during the
Salem Witch Trials in
the winter of 1691-1692.
The play was first
produced in 1953
 The Red Scare of the
McCarthy era
provided a
controversial parallel
to The Crucible.
Arthur Miller (1915-2005)
Was accused of being a
communist and ended up being
“blacklisted” by the government.
Wrote over 30 plays
320 artists, writers, and
entertainers were blacklisted.
Won both a Pulitzer Prize and a
Tony Award.
Many of his plays focused on,
“death and betrayal and injustice
and how we are to account for this
little life of ours”
Fear of communism in 1940s-1950s.
Leader: Senator Joseph McCarthy
Believed communists had
infiltrated the American
government, public, and
entertainment industry.
 His accusations were later proven
to be untrue.
The House of Un-American
Activities Committee (HUAC)
“All we want is the truth as we see it.”
Thousands of Americans
were interrogated.
Many ended up having to go
on trials
 The trials were terrifying and
highly publicized.
The Red Scare affected
people from all backgrounds.
Some famous individuals
that were accused include:
Passports revoked
Loss of job
Home and business could be
taken by the government
Reputation ruined
Thrown in jail
In the case of Julius and Ethel
Arthur Miller
Charlie Chaplin
Orson Wells
Lucille Ball
Julia Child
The repercussions of one person’s sins affected the whole
Imagination, dancing, and reading “unapproved” books
was frowned upon.
Believed that women and children were meant to be seen
and not heard.
Strong belief that Satan was actively involved in the world.
Type of government: Theocracy
As we read The Crucible think about how these things
contributed to the hysteria and paranoia of the Salem Witch
You will be creating a historical-ish Crucible
You will be in groups of three. That you choose based
on which article you would like to complete.
In order to be successful, each member must be
trustworthy, responsible, honest, respectful, and
How your peers evaluate your participation in the
group WILL affect your overall grade on the final