Chapter 14.1 #1 Key Concept:
Why is a gas easy to compress?
Gases are easily
because there is
so much space
between the
molecules of gas.
#2 Key Concept: List three factors that can effect gas
1. number of molecules of gas
2. temperature
3. volume
See the animation on the last question.
#3 Why does a collision with an air bag cause less damage
than a collision with a steering wheel.
An air bag is filled with gas which is compressible.
It allows the body to compress
gases instead of hitting a solid wheel.
The gases absorb the momentum of the
body in a soft gradual fashion instead of
an abrupt, brutal way.
#4 How does a decrease in temperature affect
the pressure of a contained gas?
See the animation on question #1
As the temperature of a gas goes up in a closed container, the pressure also
goes up. As the temperature goes down, the pressure goes down too.
#5 If the temperature is constant, what change in volume would cause the
pressure of an enclosed gas to be reduced to one quarter of its original value?
The volume and the pressure change
in an INVERSE relationship. As one
gets bigger the other gets smaller:
To reduce the pressure of a gas by
4 times you need to increase the
volume by 4 times.
#6 Assuming the gas in a container remains at a constant temperature, how
could you increase the gas pressure in the container a hundredfold?
DECREASE the volume
by 100 times.