Conor Jarvis
My experiment was to conclude if the Mpemba Effect, hot water freezing faster
than cold water, was true. During my research of this effect I learned that for the
Mpemba Effect to work all factors in the experiment must be the same. The factors in this
experiment were: temperature of the freezer, amount of water in each container, size,
shape and material of the container and any type of air motion over the water.
I conducted this experiment using all of my materials and by following all of my
procedures. I put eight ounces of water in each identical plastic container, one container
starting with a temperature of 118 degrees Fahrenheit and the other container at 52
degrees Fahrenheit. Both containers were placed next to each other on the same shelf in
the freezer. Although the Mpemba Effect has been proven correct it did not happen in
my experiment. The cold water froze faster than the hot water by twenty minutes;
therefore my hypothesis is not correct.