Lecture Assignment 5 - Oakton Community College

Lecture Assignment #5
Part I. Identify the term (not the name of a software program like MS-Excel) associated with each
=SUM(A1:A4) OR MAX(B1:B4)
Collection of electronic drawings, digital images, clip art, graphs
Allows users to type words in a paragraph continually without pressing the enter key at the end
of the line
A UPC code, a phone number, a student ID, a grade in a course, a quantity, an item description
Allows users to organize data in rows and columns and perform calculations and recalculate
when data changes.
$E$6 in a spreadsheet
Intersection of a row and a column
Move a paragraph from one location to another in a Word document
Find a synonym for the word, large, in a Word document
Allows users to create, edit, format, and print a document containing words, tables, and clip art
Store and organize large amounts of data in a table
Text that will print at the bottom of every page
A predefined document which serves a specific purpose like a resume
=A1+A2+A3 OR =(B1+B2)/2
Change the appearance of a document
A group of programs packaged together with a common interface designed to make the user
more productive both personally and professionally
An electronic presentation that is often displayed using projection equipment to communicate
your thoughts to your audience
The process of finding records based on specific criteria in a database
Name assigned to a specific design of characters
Create, access, and manage data stored in a central location
When printed, text that appears faintly or ghosted on a sheet of paper behind the printed words
on a page
A type of formatting (colors, bold, underline) that is used when a certain criteria is met
Part II. What software (word processing, spreadsheeting, database, presentation graphics, operating system,
or none of the above) would you most likely use given the following information?
Prepare a personal budget for the month of August
Startup (bootup) your computer
Add a new friend to an electronic telephone book
Make a backup of your hard disk
Upload your completed assignment using D2L to your instructor
Generate a set of mailing labels
Microsoft PowerPoint
Prepare your bowling league standings (includes wins, loses, percentages)
Add, edit, or delete student data
Create an inventory list of all your Movie DVDs
Load a program into primary storage
Create a line graph to display sales data for the past four years
Review the spring course schedule on Oakton’s website
Microsoft Windows
Where the data is stored that is displayed on www.amazon.com
Microsoft Word
Zip or compress one or more files in an attempt to shrink the file size
Keeps track of ALL accounting functions in a business such as items purchased, bills paid,
payroll deductions, inventory on hand, and produces critical documents like a profit and
loss statement and balance sheet
Allows users to plan, schedule, track, and analyze events, resources, and costs associated
with a project
Microsoft Excel
Develop a website
Microsoft Access
Edit digital photos such as remove red eye or remove blemishes or remove a part of an
image (like person)
Relative cell references
Allows users to find and view Web pages on the Internet
Create visual aids to communicate ideas, messages, etc. to a large group of people
Time-stamped articles, or posts, in a journal format
Calculate your total points earned in a course
Adjust the margins and line spacing and add a Works Cited page
Assigns an .accdb extension to a file
Save a document in a file format that will open regardless of the software, hardware, or
operating system in use