General Information –

ITSC 1309
Integrated Software Applications
Microsoft Office 2003
General Information
First, this course is designed to teach you about using the most popular office
integrated software applications, Microsoft Office 2003. You need the software –
older versions will not work as well. Microsoft Works will not work for this course.
Buy the software or use the computer labs.
All work is to be done on your own.
Make sure your name is on everything you turn in. Also, the assignment
reference, i.e. Word Project 1, Access Project 3, etc.
Read all instructions before starting your homework lab projects. Crazy idea, I
know, but it really does make a difference. Some instructions continue onto the
next page or have more than one part. Send all work.
Some projects may require clip art. If you do not have the exact clip art, choose
something similar.
Some labs may require you to develop a document, and then has instructions to
revise that same document. I want you to email me the original document first
before revisions, and then email the revised document. When the instructions tell
you to print, that’s a clue to email it to me. Then revise the document and email
the revision.
Follow the schedule for homework and tests. There are no make ups for
homework. Late work is not accepted. NO reason, excuse, situation what so
ever. Remember, zeros do not average well, so don’t miss homework
assignments. See the syllabus for test make-ups.
I do not constantly monitor my email. I will attempt to check it several times a
day, but if I do not answer right away, it is not because I am not interested. If you
can not wait, stop by, call (254-298-8464) or send another email. Sometimes,
stuff happens to email.
Have fun. This should be an enjoyable class which will teach you more about
Office 2003, a program you will use throughout your academic and professional
career. Impress your boss and friends on just how smart you are!
Pat Clune