success implementing

The research at companies who have had success implementing new
processes and technologies to improve customer service:
1. Accenture Public Ltd Co
Accenture plc is a management consulting, technology services and
outsourcing company, which has offices and operations in more than 200
cities in 53 countries.
Its business is organized in five operating groups and their 19 industry
Its five operating groups include communications & high tech, financial
services, health & public service, products and resources.
Success implementing new processes and technologies to improve customer
The Company’s public service industry group provides services designed
to help public-service entities around the world
Increase the efficiency of their operations, improve service delivery to
citizens and reduce their overall costs to address budget deficits.
It works primarily with defense, revenue, human services, health, postal,
and justice and public-safety authorities or agencies, and its clients are
national, state or local-level government organizations, as well as
pan-geographic organizations.
Its offerings help public-sector clients address some of their needs,
including developing modern tax systems, which help increase
compliance and improve revenues; ensuring the security of citizens and
businesses, and improving the delivery of human services to eligible
2. Volvo (VTNA in 1997)
In 2007 and early 2008, Volvo experienced quality issues as the market
In response, the company initiated a process called "fix the basics," a
senior management policy that dictated that quality would be "job number
one" in all areas.
Success implementing new processes and technologies to improve customer
VTNA has established a Guest Customer Program that reimburses
dealers for up to two hours of diagnostic work, even if they cannot
duplicate a problem.
Volvo pays the dealer a set amount of money do to whatever it takes to
get the customer back on the road again.
These two approaches have been adopted in order to encourage
dealerships to take the necessary steps to have the customer's vehicle
back on the road as quickly as possible, thereby increasing customer
Volvo aims to deliver a premium customer experience, which includes
having the best dealer network and maintaining a consistent image and
experience across dealerships. Based on interviews with customers,
Volvo has developed a set of service guidelines.
Volvo's top priority is to become number one in image and customer
satisfaction. The importance of the service experience is continuously
increasing and the service quality bar is always being raised.
Volvo's operating philosophy, "customers come first," is a coherent theme
throughout the Volvo TPSC since it is based on customers' must haves.
Customer satisfaction leads to profits, and getting to know customers
through experience is highly prioritized within Volvo Trucks.
Investing in quality is, in the long run, less expensive than not investing in
A quality vehicle will provide the company with loyal customers, which will
ultimately result in goodwill for the company.
Edvardsson et al. (2010). Improving the prerequisites for customer
satisfaction and performance: A study of policy deployment in a global
truck company, International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences, 2
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