Volvo Cars: Promotional Creative Brief Team Two

Volvo Cars: Promotional
Creative Brief
Team Two:
Tony Bremer, Taylor Caswell, Dylan Kinyon,
Devin Lewis, Matthew ‘Jr.’ Shaw
“Our Vision: No one will be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo
by 2020. That is how seriously we take safety. From features that
support you while driving to features that help precent accidents and
protect you in the event that one occurs, IntelliSafe is our way of giving
you everyday convenience and peace of mind, anywhere you go.”
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• Established in 1927
• Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden
• Scandinavian by heart and design
• Recent ownership change from Ford to Geely Holding group based
out of China
• 2,400 dealerships
• 120 countries
• 1,500 dealerships in Europe
• 400 dealerships in the U.S.
• 427,000 retail deliveries in
• 60,000 units in the U.S. and
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• Volvo Mission Statement
▫ “To Create the safest, most exciting car experience
for modern families”
• Volvo Vision
▫ “To be the world’s most desired and successful
premium car brand”
• What we Value
▫ Quality – Focus on customers needs and exceed
their expectations
▫ Safety – “Safety is part of our Soul”
▫ Enviroment – Volvo shares and has a clear
responsibility to reduce environmental impacts
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Heritage in Leading Innovations
in Safety
• “Cars are driven by people. Therefore. The guiding
principal behind everything we make at Volvo, is and
must remain – safety”
1959 – 3 point Safety Belt
1991 – Side Air Bags
1998 – Whiplash protection system
1998 – Inflatable Air Curtains
2002 – Rollover Protection System
2003 – Blind Spot Information System
2008 – City Safety Collision detection and
braking system
• 2010 – Pedestrian Detection and braking
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Brand Challenges
• 10% decrease in Sales in the U.S market
• No recent major re-models of existing products
until 2014
• Rebranding from lower end car models to Premium
Luxury brand
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Competition Analysis
• Top Competitors
▫ BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, Lincoln, Toyota, and
• Consumer Reports
▫ Toyota ranked first in Overall brand perception
▫ Toyota ranked first in Reliability
▫ Volvo ranked first in Safety
• Subaru – an upcoming threat
(February 2014). 2014 Car-Brand Perception Survey. Retrieved from
Market Dynamics
• 2014 sales performance 4th best since 2000
• Increase in Demand for luxury cars
• Increase demand for in-car technologies
• Top three features in demand of new cars
▫ Increased Safety
▫ Early Warning Systems
▫ Smarter Navigation
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New Marketing Direction
Our campaign’s primary objective is to penetrate the luxury car
market with leading in safety and innovation.
Current Target Market
New Target Market
Young (22-30), well educated,
middle class business
Mid aged(28-40), Well
educated, middle
income(80k-120k), business
professional families
Thinkers: Educated,
conservative, practical
consumers who value
knowledge and responsibility.
They look for durability,
functionality, and value.
Innovator: Successful,
receptive to new technology,
and purchases reflect
New Marketing Direction
“Here at Volvo we are expanding by offering a variety of luxury
vehicles at a competitive price to keep our consumers feeling safe
insides our models while making less of an eco-footprint and
being an innovator of a new luxury experience with all the
simplistic benefits that have been established since 1927. “
Product Category
Luxury Car
Consumers Mindset
Upscale, worthy of
showing off, draws
attention, durable,
Safe and simple at a
competitive price
Level of Brand Loyalty
High level of loyalty,
Pass down generation,
Once you have one you
stay for life
Once you buy a Volvo
you stay with us