Getting to Know Your Date: ___________________________ Name: __________________________

Date: ___________________________
Name: __________________________
Getting to Know Your Agenda
What is the school’s
phone number?
On which page are the
consequences of
What are 5 things you
could write in your
On page 16, who is our
school nurse?
On what pages are the
school’s dress code?
On Page 9, rule 2a says
that members of the
school community must
not engage in:
In Physics, what is the
formula for Newton’s
2nd law?
On pg. 2, what is the
number for the Kids
Help Phone?
When is photo day?
According to page 43,
what does “lucid”
What happens if you
have 10 lates in a class?
On pg 121, what are 3
“don’ts” are far as
studying go?
Who are WHSS’s coprime ministers this
When is Take-Your-KidTo-Work Day?
How many square yards
are there in an acre?
List 3 ways you can find
out if buses are
cancelled or the school
closed due to weather:
What day in April is the
school dance?
On page 14, what must
you do if you arrive late
for class?
What percent average
do you need to make
honour roll?
On what page does it
show you proper ways
to cite or reference
your research?
What happens if you
have 10 unexcused
What page is this on?
On page 16, how many
days from the onset of a
course do you have to
switch classes?
Who would you see
about switching classes?
In Chemistry, what does
the symbol “Sg” stand
On page 8, what is rule
1d of the standards of
Be sure to read these