Barry Goldwater High School

Barry Goldwater High School
IB English A1 HL 5-6
Summer Assignment
Dear Students:
Welcome to the BGHS IB/AP Language Arts program. The BGHS Language Arts Department requires
summer reading assignments for all of the advanced levels. You may want your own copy of the play to
take notes in and use for essays and tests. You may find the books at libraries, bookstores, online, or you
may read the
Online A Doll’s House link at: .
You will need to complete the assignment on the following page using an organized method
during the reading. In addition, you’ll need to note the use of rhetorical devices such as: irony,
symbolism, and imagery.
To be eligible to Take the Assessment on the (1st or 2nd day) over A Doll’s House, the Summer
Activity must be completed and you will need to bring your notes to class.
Listed below are other selections that may be read and analyzed over the year.
A Doll’s House
Woman at Point Zero
The Woman Warrior
Going After Cacciato
Catch 22
For further information you may visit the B.G.H.S. web page at This site links to
“My Teacher Index,” or visit the district web site at This site links to IB. Feel free to email me during the school year.
Diette Oshrin
[email protected]
Summer Reading Activity
Use an organizer/thinking map to organize this information.[Cornell Notes, tree map, double bubble,
etc] Be sure to indicate in which ACT all quotes appear.
I. Character Identification. Describe the main characters in terms of their occupations and
connections (familial and otherwise).
 Nora
 Helmer
 Krogstaad
II. Characterization and Theme. Use the same three main characters to complete the
following activities.
 Role Playing. Identify and explain the role the 3 main characters play in society. Note any
role changes.
 Symbols. Look in the text of the play and in the stage directions for the symbols. Take notes
on where & how each symbol is used. Choose a method that best organizes this information.
(By Character? At the End of each Act?) Be sure to include a Brief Description of each
 Tip: Look for ringing bells, lights, letters, macaroons, slamming doors, and
changing costumes.
 Social Commentary: Ibsen uses The Doll’s House as a vehicle for social commentary about
modern society. Find at least 2 examples of each of the following “threads” from the play.
Marriage Roles
III. S.O.A.P.S.ToneR. Paragraph (Speaker, Subject, Style, Occasion, Audience, Purpose,
Tone, Rhetorical Devices). Write a well developed SOAP.SToneR Paragraph focusing on the
author’s theme (using one of the social commentary items) and supporting your thesis with any
details necessary from the play.