Biology Intro Notes

The Study of Life
Characteristics of Living Things
Made up of one or more Cells
 Reproduces
 Displays Organization (DNA)
 Grows & Develops
 Requires Energy
 Responds to Stimuli
 Maintains Homeostasis
 Changes over time
Homeostasis – process by
which organisms maintain a
stable internal environment
Biology means the “study of life”
Biology is STRUCTURE
related to FUNCTION.
6 Kingdoms of Life
 Plantae
 Fungi
 Protista
 Eubacteria
 Archaebacteria
Kingdom Animalia – made up of many
cells, cannot make their own food, no cell
 Kingdom Plantae – made up of many cells,
makes their own food through
photosynthesis, has cell walls
 Fungi – made up of many cells, cannot
make their own food, has cell walls,
external digestion
Kingdom Protista (misfit kingdom) –
mostly made up of one cell, some can
make their own food, some consume,
some can do both
 Kingdom Eubacteria – one celled,
helpful & harmful to humans
 Kingdom Archaebacteria – one celled,
live in extreme environments
 Where
do viruses fit in?
Considered NOT living
 Are
not made up of cells
 Cannot reproduce on their own
Characteristics of Life Videos
What is a Sand Dollar?
Biology: bio- (life) + -logy (the
study of)
Homeostasis: homeo- (Gk. HOMO,
same) + -stasis (standing still)