Health ch 5 study guide Personal Health and Phys Activity

Health, Chapter 5 Study Guide
Personal Health and Physical Activity
You will need to be able to select the correct term from a word bank…
 Sunscreen is put on the body to block the sun’s harmful rays.
 A physical fitness plan is a written plan of physical activities you will do to
stay fit.
 The ability to use your muscles for a long time is called muscle endurance
 Five to ten minutes of easy physical activity done AFTER a workout is
called a cool down.
 A medical exam to make sure you are healthy is called a check up.
 Safety equipment is equipment that protects you from injuries during
sports and physical activity.
 The ability of your muscles to lift, pull, kick and throw is called muscle
 The ear canal leads from the outer ear to the eardrum.
 A warm up is three to five minutes of easy physical activity done before a
 Flexibility is the ability to bend and move easily.
You will need to be able to identify the following from a set of multiple choice
 A reason to take care of your teeth is that they help you bite and chew
 Grooming skin, hair, and nails is most important because it removes dirt,
oil and germs from your body.
 The effects of getting enough sleep include staying healthy.
 You can keep from getting hurt during physical activities if you wear the
right equipment.
 A way to be a good sport is to follow all of the rules of the game.