Animal Adaptations - Vian Public Schools

Organisms have a great variety of internal and external structures that
enable them to survive in a specific habitat (e.g., echolocation, seed
dispersal, skull diversity). (C.S. 3.2; 5.2 & 4.1)
Mrs. Trotter
Vian Middle School
Fossils provide important evidence of how life
and environmental conditions have changed
(e.g., Law of Superposition, index fossils,
geologic time period, extinction). (C.S. 5.2)
Essentially it says that the older rock is going
to be located on the bottom
Watch this example of how rock layers can
Started from the Bottom
If the younger rocks are on top and the older
rocks are on bottom
If the rocks are undisturbed
We can guess or relatively date the age of a
Right now our fossil record is incomplete
Fossils are hard to find
Rarely do people agree on the age
We merely make an educated guess
Until recently, astronomers estimated that the
Big Bang occurred between 12 and 14 billion
years ago. To put this in perspective, the Solar
System is thought to be 4.5 billion years old
and humans have existed as a genus for only a
few million years. Astronomers estimate the
age of the universe in two ways: 1) by looking
for the oldest stars; and 2) by measuring the
rate of expansion of the universe and
extrapolating back to the Big Bang; just as
crime detectives can trace the origin of a bullet
from the holes in a wall.
You believe what you want to believe
It’s your choice
That is the great thing about being free and living
in America
Just keep an open mind and consider all the
options and angles
Also consider the educational
background/religious/atheistic beliefs of those
trying to persuade you
Learning about things-even if you don’t agreemakes gives you a well rounded education
We will answer #’s 1-4
Fossils give us proof of preexisting life, and
clues to what the environment might have been
He suggested that characteristics or traits,
developed during a parent organism’s lifetime
are inherited by its offspring
Natural selection means that organism with
traits best suited for their environment are
more likely to survive and reproduce
Describes evloution as a slow ongoing process
by which one species changes to a new species
A model that shows rapid evolution comes
about when the mutation of a few genes results
in the appearance of a new species over a short
period of time