1. Define the term 'fossil' and explain how fossils form.
2. What is the fossil record? What does it show us?
3 (a) List the four eons of the Earth’s
(b) Outline how these eons relate to
the Cambrian and Precambrian eras.
(c) Outline the significance of
Precambrian fossils.
4. Diagrams 1–4 are rock strata
from four different locations.
(a) Place the four locations in a
sequence from those containing the
oldest rocks to those containing the
youngest rocks.
(b) List each of the fossils (in all
locations) in order of age from oldest
to youngest. You may use the
diagrams and a flow diagram if you
5. Explain why there is more difficulty in obtaining fossils from
ancient rocks than those in rocks that are only a few hundred million
years old?
6. The fossil record indicates that some fossil species have
disappeared. Account for this disapperance of species in the fossil