- Radwinter C of E Primary School

An overview of units of study that may be taught in Otter Class- Year 2 and 3
Place value – Recognise the value of each digit in two and three digit
To count in multiples of 2, 5, 10- Yr 2 4, 8, 50, 100 Yr 3
Problem solving, including missing number problems, using facts,
place value to solve addition and subtraction questions.
Properties of shapeDraw 2D shapes and make 3D shapes using modelling materials.
Identify and describe the properties of 3D shapes.
Money and time
Add and subtract amounts of money to give change, using £ and p in
practical contexts.
Read time with increasing accuracy to the nearest minute.
Significant historical events, people and places
 Focus on English archaeologist and
Egyptologist, Howard Carter and his discovery
of Tutankhamun’s tomb.
 Visit to Saffron Walden Museum
Continuous development of locational knowledge
through Class world map and UK map.
Map work - Locating Egypt bordering countries and
surrounding seas.
Human and physical geography of Egypt
Yoga – Half termly
PE – Multi skills to develop
coordination, balance and agility
Swimming every Tuesday
Prefixes including – un, dis, re, mis, pre
Suffixes including –ation, ly, ous
Recognising and writing statements, commands, questions
and exclamations.
Writing - non-narrative text types – using headings, sub
headings, paragraphing - All about Otters and How to
track an Otter.
Focus text: The Minpins by Roahl Dahl
Writing a mystery story set in Ancient Egypt. Character
Children will learn
programming skills using
the Scratch software tool.
Talking about ourselves
Describing animals
Following Charanga scheme
of work.
Focus on pitch and pulse
descriptions, setting descriptions
Autumn term topic
Amazing Egyptians
RE Units
A time for remembering every part of
God’s creation – St. Francis of Assisi
Jesus the storyteller – Linked to Harvest
Christmas is coming
PSHCE Units of study
My healthy lifestyle
Growing and changing
Unit: Rocks and Fossils
Look at how fossils are formed
Recognise that soils are made from rocks and
organic matter
Children able to study a selection of rocks
and fossils on loan from the Sedgewick
museum, Cambridge.
DT/Art and Design
Egyptian art techniques.
Illustration using pen and watercolour.
Observational sketches of fossils.
Cooking with seasonal vegetables
Sew a felt puppet based on a character from
The Minpins.
Design and make a shoebox room based on
the text – The Minpins