Re: Launch of Innovative New Ophthalmic Product - Ret

Re: Launch of Innovative New Ophthalmic Product - Ret-3D™
Dear Friends,
I am proud to announce the launch of an innovative new product in the
ophthalmic segment that currently no other ophthalmic pharmaceutical company has. This
particular molecule will take the ophthalmic market in India by storm going by the recent
research developments in Europe and USA.
Entod will be the first company in the world to launch Cholecalciferol (also called Vitamin
D3) in preventing vision loss due to AMD, diabetic retinopathy and smoking related eye
diseases. Cholecalciferol has also been shown to improve overall vision.
Last year we were the first company in India to market omega-3 for dry eyes and ocular
surface disease. After the launch of our I-Dew Mega brand several other companies
followed us including multinationals like Allergan. We expect the same for this product and
therefore it is very important that the marketing of this product is very aggressive.
The product is called Ret-3D™ and will be launched by the A-Star and Ophthalmic
Divisions. You will need to launch Ret-3D™ in your territory by latest 20th July. Head office
will be monitoring you directly to ensure the launch has been carried out. ‘Ret’ stands for
Retina and ‘3D’ because it can give complete 3D vision. Ret-3D™ contains 2000 units of
Cholecalciferol (also called Vitamin D3) and is specially formulated as soft-gelatin capsules
in a US FDA approved factory.
Below are the details:
Sales Pack: 10 capsule monocarton
Sample Pack: 4 capsule catch cover
Pricing Details (10 ’C monocarton):
Rs. 68
Rate to Retailer
Rs. 51.81
Rate to Wholesaler
Rs. 46.63
Ret-3D™ also has an attractive monthly incentive structure for SPOs*
Total Secondary Sale
1 - 50
(Rs. 1.00)
(Rs. 2.00)
(Rs. 2.50)
(Rs. 3.50)
More than 400
(Rs. 4.00)
*Subject to terms & conditions of existing Monthly Incentive Scheme
This means if you sell 500 secondary sale units in any month, you are eligible for Rs. 2000
monthly incentive for this one product alone.
As part of the launch we will provide you 10 launch folders for Ret-3D™. Each folder
2-page Ret-3D LBL
1 page Ret-3D ‘How does Cholecalciferol work?’ supplement
Ret-3D pen
Ret-3D visiting card
Ret-3D research paper
Each folder will be sealed in a PVC sleeve to protect from the monsoon rains.
In addition we are sending you specially designed sample catch covers for Ret-3D™ which
is an innovative way to hand over samples. Each sample catch cover has 4 capsules. Each
doctor should only get 1 folder along with maximum 1-2 sample catch covers. Before
handing the folder you need to explain all the contents of the folder and of the sample
catch cover.
We will also be sending you a Ret-3D™ training DVD (along with the detailing note) which
includes the actual product detailing of the launch. It is very important that you
thoroughly see this DVD and understand how detailing should be done.
There is a unique code number shown during the DVD film. You will need to SMS this code
number to mobile number: 9323393641 so that head office knows you have seen the DVD.
SMS [code number] followed by your name, HQ and date after you have seen the DVD.
For example if the code number is 9999 and Mr. Vivek Jaiswal of Bhopal HQ sees the DVD on
01/07/2012 then he will SMS ‘9999 Vivek Jaiswal, Bhopal, 01/07/2012’ to 9323393641
Our product team will be calling you regularly during the launch to make sure you have no
We have also designed a special website where doctors can see all
our research articles on cholecalciferol use in ophthalmology and for more detailed
information on Ret-3D™.
This launch circular along with the Ret 3D™ training DVD and detailing note is also been
published on a dedicated entod staff website called I am
requesting all those who have internet access at home or who visit internet cafes to kindly
visit this website for detailed training information on Ret-3D™. This website is password
protected so if you want to access kindly contact Rabale office and ask Mrs. Marylene for
the same. This password will change every month and you will need to contact Rabale office
to get the new password as and when it changes. In future all circulars, company and
product updates, training materials and newsletters will be updated regularly on this
website so it is very important you visit it.
You will be receiving all the promotional inputs, training material and samples separate to
this letter before 10th July. You are expected to complete training as soon as you receive
this and launch the product by the deadline date of 20th July.
In the meanwhile kindly start selecting 10 eye doctors in your territory where you feel you
will get a good response. The eye doctors can also be prescribers of EyeTamin®,
EyeTamin® Gold or I-Dew® Mega as taking Ret-3D™ in combination with these can lead to
a better effect.
Ret-3D™ is now available at our Ambernath warehouse and I am requesting all managers
to make this product available at your consignee agent at the earliest.
For any queries or if you need additional promotional inputs kindly contact including
supplies for this campaign please contact Mr. Vivek Jaiswal at Marketing Office or Mr. Rahul
Awari/ Mr. Mangesh in his absence.
Wishing you the best of luck.
Mr. Nikhil Masurkar
Executive Director