Photos: Scale Launch (1/17/10)

Launch of our Half-Scale Vehicle at
Johnson Space Center on 1/17/10
The STHS NASA-SLI Team after a successful in-flight
test of their scale model recovery system.
The rocket ascends to an elevation of about 1000 ft.
Setting up for the test launch. A table is a must to help
set up all of the parts.
Liftoff using a G80T motor.
Youssef and Aldo assemble the three parts of the
The moment of Ignition
The Blue Thunder™ (T) motor produces a bright
violet-blue flame with a minimum of exhaust smoke.
These motors provide a higher level of thrust than
White Lightning or Black Jack motors of the same
total impulse. Blue Thunder is the perfect propellant
for high lift-off acceleration.
The smaller Drogue Chute (black) deployed at apogee
and the larger Main Chute (orange) appeared at a
predetermined altitude of 250 ft.
Youssef examines the wiring before the ejection
charges are set.
Listening to all the beeping sounds to check if both
altimeters are working and the safety switches to each
parachute are no longer shorted just prior to launch.
Vanilla Wafers are a key component to any successful
launch. (As is a fully fed group of Team Members.)
Paul checks the Kevlar attachment to the