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Top Interactive Production Companies 2009 Submission Form
From the following we will determine the companies to be featured in our list of 2009 Top
Interactive Production Companies.
Please let us know about all your notable accomplishments from the last year. Make sure
to include all the information requested below, as any omissions may delay our evaluation
of your work.
Deadline for Form and Portfolios: Friday, September 11, 2009
1) Name of company and year founded
2) Please list all of your principals and key people in management, creative and technology
3) Highlights of last year (12 months)
Please note the following:
Major projects and summary of what each entailed
Data or any other info showing success/reach of the project
Awards won by company in last 12 months
Any major departmental/structuring developments: new departments, new offices,
etc. Also include any general company background or other information you think
is relevant.
4) The Work
Along with the above, please send a link to an online portfolio of your company’s best work of the
last 12 months to
The reel must include a log noting the following:
1. Agency you worked with (if one was involved)
2. Client Name
3. First launch date of project (VERY IMPORTANT)
Note: You are free to include in your portfolio any work that has not yet broken but will break by
October 12, 2009. Be sure to note what has not yet broken, and when it is scheduled to launch.
5) Your contact info (email/phone) in case we have any questions
Where to submit:
Email (Preferred):
Snail Mail:
(Please include checklist as a digital file)
Top Production Companies
Attn: Ann-Christine Diaz, Managing Editor
711 3rd Avenue 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10017
Please contact Ann-C. Diaz if you have any questions.
Phone: (212) 210-0403