Curriculum Night 2014

Shiloh Point Elementary
Mrs. Bethany Smith
Room 2522
About Mrs. Smith
•University of Georgia-Early Childhood Education
•On my 7th year in Forsyth County in 3 different grades: 1st, 3rd and
now 2nd.
•Received my masters in Curriculum and Instruction at The
American College of Education
•My husband works in Special Education and coaches basketball at
Cambridge High School.
•Grew up in South Georgia (Moultrie) and moved to Gwinnett in
2002, now living in Cumming.
7:10-7:40 Arrival and Morning Work
8:25-8:40 Snack/Bathroom
8:40-9:00 Reading Mini-Lesson
9:00-10:00 Daily 5 & Guided Reading
11:35-12:05 Lunch at table 7
12:10-12:20 Number Talk/Read Aloud
12:25-12:45 Recess
10:00-10:20 Math Mini-Lesson
12:50-1:15 Guided Math continued
10:20-10:40 Guided Math
10:45-11:30 Session 2 Specials
1:30-2:00 Writing
Monday- PE (big gym)
Pack up/ Clean up/ Dismissal
Tuesday- Art
Wednesday- PE (big gym)
Thursday- Art
Friday- Career Counseling
*** Social Studies and Science will be integrated into our
Reading/Writing time. Experiments/Projects will be done on Friday
afternoons (this could change throughout the year).
•Reading Centers: Tuesday or Wednesday 9:00-9:30 as needed.
Work with individual or group of students based on need.
Could possibly come and read, work on fluency, or specific skill
with phonics.
•Clerical work: cut out lamination, organize scholastic books,
cut out and put together Reading books, etc.
•Mystery Reader: Come on Fridays 10:20-10:40 (before
•We will make a calendar for volunteers, but won’t start until
after Quarter 1 to develop routines!! If a volunteer is not
BYOT: Students must
follow the BYOT
contract or lose
privileges with their
We are learning as a
class how to
incorporate technology
into our learning.
–Team Points
–Marbles for
Behavior Chart
All children begin the day on green., but
could move up to Blue for good choice,
or purple for great choice.
Yellow- Warning
Orange- walk 5 minutes at recess and mark in
conduct card
Red- Miss entire recess, mark in conduct card,
and parent contact.
Please check your child’s agenda daily and
Read daily-Listen to your child read and read to your child. Let
this be a special time of making memories.
Study math facts-use flash cards, play War (5-10 minutes a day).
Check out 2nd grade Academic website.
Spelling: We will focus on a specific spelling pattern each week
and will receive 5 sight words to practice at home. Spelling tests will
be on Friday.
Math: We will have a weekly calendar. It will be sent home every
Monday. We will start Sept. 8th.
Science/Social Studies that require paper assignments to be
returned will be written in your child’s agenda on the day assigned.
Homework will also be in the Parent Corner for each week.
•itsLearning Website: The Parent Corner will give
you information each week and the Blog will be a
reflection of the week. Both will be up by Friday or
•Take-home folder. Please send in a note for any
transportation changes or excuses for absences. No
emails or phone calls please.
•E-mail me at
•Website: on itsLearning
(will send website each week)
Before You Leave
-Sign up for PTA and
Dad’s Club near the
front lobby.
-Sign up for Battle of the
Books across from the
media center!