Classroom News Language Targets Say What You Mean Teacher:

Classroom News
Teacher: Mrs. Graham (T.H.E 4th Grade MUSTANGS)
Date: Week Ending January 15, 2016
Language Targets
Say What You Mean
Even though we demonstrated some growth on
our mid-year Language Assessment, as a class
we have some areas on which we need to focus
and refocus. Ultimately, I want my students to
grow as communicators by developing the skills
necessary to appropriately express themselves
through written and spoken language in a variety
of settings. Some of the specific Language
Targets we will be (re)focusing on are listed to the
School SPELLING BEE is Friday, January!
Reading and Math
READING: Eye of the Storm: Chasing
Storms with Warren Faidley
MATH: Topic 6: Developing Fluency:
Multiplying by 1-digit Numbers
As I demonstrate Multiplication Fact
Mastery I earn parts of an ice cream
sundae. Thus far, I have passed my
_______'s; earning___________________
~Family Times with skill, vocabulary,
and conventions
~Spelling Words (Compound Words)
~form and use prepositional
~use prefixes, suffixes, and roots
to understand unfamiliar words
~use helping verbs such as can,
may, and must to express time
and mood
~use adjectives in the correct
order in a sentence
~use punctuation to affect
meaning in writing
~form complete sentences and
correct fragments and run-on
Please Remember
Please remind your child to dress
appropriately for the weather, as we will
enjoy recess outside whenever possible. If
he/she does not have appropriate
outerwear (not just a hoodie), he/she will
have to remain inside. Please contact me if
you need assistance getting the things
necessary for outdoor recess.
*Monday 01/18/16 NO SCHOOL (Celebrate
the vision Dr. MLK Jr.)
*Monday 01/25/2016 SBDMC Meeting
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